Third FITNESS General Assembly

The Third General Assembly of FITNESS took place on 7th & 8th March 2024, at The University of Dubrovnik in Croatia.

This important gathering, was a great opportunity for the 7 partners of the project to assess the progress of the work. They also discussed the next steps, particularly focusing on the update of interface control document, the cooperation between different work packages and the way towards the first laboratory prototypes.

The meeting ended with four short seminars allowing all members to know more about each-other’s research areas.

FITNESS Advisory Board members were also invited to this event. It was the opportunity for the consortium to present its intermediary results and get the technical feedback from these esteemed experts.

Jean Herveg – Lawyer

Hervé Legay from Thalès Alenia Space

Vincent Huard from Dolphin Design

Trygve Thomessen from PPM Robotics