Empowered applications

Impact of innovations empowered by FITNESS:

The FITNESS smart sensing skin will be able to impact a broad range of existing and new applications, enabling safer and more efficient human-robot interaction (HRI) than with currently available sensing modalities.

The most significant improvements are expected in the following functionalities:

Human gesture and intention recognition, which are increasingly important in environments where both humans and robots operate. The capability of the smart sensing skin to operate from millimeters to meters and to cover the entire robot body allows significant improvement and reliability of these functionalities, especially when fusion with other perceptive sensors is applied using for instance new neural networks algorithms.
Improved human safety and comfort can be gained with the help of the smart skin through sensing closely located objects, which cannot be sensed by other sensing modalities (e.g. due to so-called blind spots for cameras).
Communication between humans and robots can be channeled via their respective smart skins.
Using assisted mobility devices with smart skins, humans could safely perform tasks beyond their physical capabilities.

These HRI functionalities will have the most direct impact in industrial and professional service applications, healthcare, and some “special missions” applications, but in the long-term they will impact the quality of life and economy in a broader sense..


Industrial and professional service applications:

manufacturing, industrial inspections, autonomous driving, SHM industry


Healthcare applications:

supporting sense of nearby objects for disabled people, elderly

Special missions:

workers in heavy industrial environments, firemen, astronauts, self-healing of satellite’s antenna